Burt out by Blankets

I’m working on a beautiful blanket for the newest little man in my life. He was born in July but I figure it’s too hot for a blanket right now. His should be ready by Christmas.

Sneak Peek:


Blankets are like books. You need to read some mindless books between heavy ones. Romance novels intersperse regular reading (though I have to say, I LOVE romance novels). In yarn work, you need to intersperse some simple, quick projects in between your blankets. Thus, I’ve been practicing some new stitches this week because the blanket is draining me.

Here is the cable stitch I’ve been practicing:

photo (11)


Still in need of a break from blankets, I went to the Spotted Sheep Yarn Shoppe and picked up some awesome yarn:

I apologize for the blurry picture, I used the wordpress app and it didn’t upload the photo well.

Which my handsome husband helped be wind:

He’s the best. The really pretty rainbow color has already been used up! I’ll do another post on that one. The blue is being made into a scarf, the pink will be something (not sure what yet) for my mother, and the blue-patterned yarn will be for one of the many children in my life.

These little patterns and projects are getting me through the burnout!


The Lace Blanket

This isn’t my first time knitting. As I stated in my last post, I learned how to knot when I was quite young.

Even when I was crocheting I would knit from time to time: scarves, chunky blankets, baby hats.

The first baby afghan I knitted was for my cousin a few months ago. It was pink. I used a book I found on baby washcloths (which I have made before). Instead of making a bunch of different washcloths and sewing them together, I just created the blanket so they were already together. For example, I would knit Row 1 from the first three washcloth patterns. Then row 2 (backwards!) from the first three wash cloth patters. etc. It turned out nicely but the yarn I used was too thick.

This is my first OFFICIAL knit baby blanket. Not washcloths I put together. And if you are going to knit a baby blanket, might as well knit a lace one, right?

photo 2It’s so beautiful. It’s probably the most beautiful blanket I have ever made (thought I always say that about each blanket I make).

I had to start this blanket 3 times. It was so hard to do because I’m not used to knitting terms. I had to look every stitch up (though once I did they seemed pretty easy. Also, I started the blanket around Christmas time. The baby was due at the end of May. I was getting married in April (lots and lots and lots of prep work). My sister was getting married in July (I was matron of honor). I bought my first house in May (though after the baby, the process all happened right after my wedding). Needless to say, the blanket wasn’t finished until the baby was 2 months old. Though she wasn’t three months when she got it! She lives in LA anyway, so she won’t need it until Christmas.

Here’s a look at the entire blanket:

photo 3This was before I blocked it (which I youtubed how to do) and before I sewed up the hole in the middle.

I’m not sure if I would ever make this blanket again. I think I’ll practice knitting a little more and then go back. This pattern took a lot of concentration because I hadn’t done these stitches ever and I’m still a beginner at knitting. I think with more practice I might go back and make a new one.

Right now, I’m going to practice some stitching. See how I do. And work on 2 more blankets (I’m so behind. Both blankets are for babies that were born over the summer).

Entry Storage

My apartment is very interesting. The front door opens into the kitchen/dining room. There is no entry space at all. So, inspired by my coffee table, I decided to make my own entry storage shelf!

(eek-leopard! it was the only basket Michael’s had that fit the crates!)Michael’s didn’t have enough crates for me. I originally wanted this to be wider (2 crates wide). The end result was bigger than expected, and it fits the space perfectly.

Here is what I did:

Step 1: Gather supplies- 3 crates, 3 cans of spray paint (I chose black gloss), and decorative baskets from Michael’s. Screws and wheels from a hardware store (or your dad’s work bench).

Step 2: Remove those ridiculous labels. Really? Would it be so hard to just put the stickers on the bottom? I had to sand the excess sticker off the wood.

Step 3: Spray Paint! Now, I painted everything but the back. Had I thought about it at all, I would have omitted both long sides of one of the crates (ends up being the middle shelf), and one long side of each of the other crates (one will be facing the floor and the other wont be seen).

Step 4: Screw the wheels on one of the sides (a non-painted side that will face the floor)

Step 5: Screw the crates together, one on top of the other

And ta-da! Your shelf will look awesome!!!





Coffee Table




I am totally and utterly addicted to Pinterest. It is just filled with so many awesome ideas. Take this one for example: A pin from DIY Vintage Chic on how to make a cute coffee table.
Today I made my very own, DIY Vintage Chic inspired, coffee table! The woman over at DIY Vintage Chic spent a lot of time on her coffee table. She bought crates from Michael’s. She made a frame for the table to sit on. She transferred wine labels onto the crates to make them look like old wine crates. AND she stained the crates to make a beautiful, vintage-esq piece.

I’m not that patient. Here is how I made my coffee table:

Step 1:

Pick up your materials from Michael’s (did you know that teachers get a 15% discount at Michael’s) and a hardware store


4 Large Craft Crates

3 Cans of Spray Paint (I used a brown, wood color)


4 Wheels 


Step 2: Remove the (insert profanity here) stickers from the crates. Why can’t they put these stickers on the bottom?? Who knows. Don’t worry about any left over residue from the stickers. You wont use that side.

Step 3: Spray Paint the crates. Remember: You don’t need to spray paint the back or the bottom of the crates (I did paint the very top row on the back of each one). Also, I decided not to paint the side that would be attaching to the back of another crate (this was the side with the stupid sticker. In hindsight, I wish I had just done a quick coat because part of that side shows through.

Step 4: Screw your crates together.

(The color, in the sunlight, was much redder than I was anticipating. Actually, the paint can didn’t seem red at all. I thought I was just buying a basic brown paint)

Step 5 and 6: Screw the wheels in and do what you will to the middle.


The finished product. Again, it is out in the sunshine and looks very red. In actuality, the color is much more brown:

Still has a red tone to it, but I like it much more when it is out of the sun and in my apartment. It’s a rich, brown color. I plan on having my wonderful father cut me a piece of ply wood to put in the middle area. I will then fill it with some river rocks that I have left over from a bamboo plant. Other ideas for the middle: corks, large flower pot, sand. For now, I have a small basket that will fit perfectly over the spot.

Overall, this was a VERY EASY project. I would recommend it to anyone who has a few hours in the afternoon!







A seersucker bow tie is a great summer bow tie!

This is the first time I’ve made anything out of seersucker material. It is also the first time I’ve used sliders (instead of buttons) for my bow ties. I love how it came out!

The green bow tie is for Nick to wear to a friend’s wedding. It will match my green dress very nicely. And the boyfriend, as always, will look dashing in his bow tie.




In Print

Bonnets & Bow Ties has been featured in Occasions, a Georgia based Wedding/event magazine.

This is very exciting! Check out the magazine, subscribe, and see what they have to say about mint!




Color Combo: Gray and Yellow

Gray and yellow; yellow and gray. Either way you put it, this is a lovely color combination that is perfect for a spring/summer wedding.

At our etsy shop, Bonnets & Bow Ties, you will find six brand new bow ties. At first, I was attracted to the tie that is all yellow and white. It’s like a little drop of sunshine to wear around your neck. As the other bow ties were being made, the different designs came together to show a nice array of yellow and grays.

I love them all. They are so pretty. Wouldn’t it be cool to have everyone in your wedding party wear a different bow tie?? Let the groom wear the yellow one (only one without gray…makes him stick out more). Seriously. This would look so neat.

Below, check out all the new bow ties!