The Elusive Stocking Cap

**UPDATE** The link to this pattern no longer works. However, there is a similar pattern on ravelry here. Hope it helps!

The hardest free pattern to come by on the internet is a stocking cap (elf hat) pattern! Granted, there are some patterns. The ones I found were just too big and bulky. I wanted to make a cute hat like this, but the only patterns I found had big, chunky tails. I LOVE the site crochetpatterncentral (also knittingpatterncentral), but the right pattern evaded me.

Finally, after spending most of the day searching, I found a pattern that I could use. This blog hasĀ  a really cute pattern. I liked everything except the pom pom. It was perfect.

This is the hat I made from Oodles 4 Noodles pattern. Very cute. The pattern calls for a double crochet, so the hat is nice and loose and floppy.

Once the first hat was made, I created my own pattern. I was asked to make a sticking cap with a curly tail; this is the result.

What do you think? Which hat do you like better? It’s obviously a smaller size than the first one, but it also has a totally different shape. It needs to have a more gradual taper to the top. I think when I make it again, I will make the curly tail longer. Next, I will attempt to knit the hat!